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    Scientific Heads
Prof. L. Liaropoulos, Prof. Emm. Velonakis
1st Main Research Team
University of Athens-Dept. of Nursing,
Coordinator: Assist.Prof. D. Κaitelidou
  2st Main Research Team
Panteion University-Dept. of Sociology
Coordinator: Prof. Th. Sakellaropoulos
  3st Main Research Team
Αlexander ΤΕΙ of Thessaloniki-Nursing Dept.
Coordinator: Assist.Prof. Th. Bellali

Members of the research teams and external associates of the program

Prof. Chr. Lemonidou, Prof. P. Sourtzi, Assoc. Prof. Ch. Oikonomou, Assoc. Prof. P. Prezerakos, Assist. Prof. I. Elefsiniotis, Prof. K. Varsamidis, A. Pavlakis-Lecturer, Dr. O. Siskou, Dr. P. Galanis, Dr. D. Zikos, Dr. E. Laiou, Dr. M. Zafeiropoulou, Dr. E. Kouli, Dr. M. Kalogeropoulou, Dr. K. Tsavalias, Dr. I. Kotsioni, Dr. A. Bilali, Dr. M. Spinthouri, Dr. Th. Fouskas, Dr. G. Anastopoulos, Dr. P. Theodorou, S. Pasaloglou, E. Chrysopoulou, M. Sarantopoulou, M. Kourti, I. Karamitri, I. Kasimis, Chr. Tsirona


Program Evaluators
Assoc. Prof. M. Geitona (University of the Peloponnese), Dr. G. Craig (City University, London)

Craig (City University, London)

ΜInvited investigator

Assoc. Prof. M. Theodorou (Open University of Cyprus)

Ι. Αntonopoulos